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The Lewis Group is an Elite Advisory Practice focused on wealth transition planning and capital management for successful executives, entrepreneurs and their families.

The Lewis Group has an extensive history of providing wealth planning for high net worth individuals, successful families, and institutional clients. The team is equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to provide financial planning, tactical investment strategies, corporate and executive services, family legacy planning, customized credit solutions, and wealth preservation and estate transfer.

Managing the complex needs of the affluent client in today’s rapidly changing economy requires a cohesive approach. Placing an emphasis on impactful relationships, the team assists families with their goals of building and protecting their legacy, and maintaining unity and affluence across generations. By providing consultative guidance and goals-based planning throughout the process, your family’s mission can be achieved.


Through purpose, passion, and planning, The Lewis Group helps clients find the meaningful objective of their wealth. Whether the most valuable determinant is critical values, lifetime legacy, friends, family, or community - the team’s mission is to build and protect wealth, and help families achieve their own vision of success and significance.


The Lewis Group is passionate about building strong rapport with clients and recognizes that trust is imperative in any relationship - especially in financial services. The Lewis Group fully appreciates the gravity of its fiduciary role, and strives to provide the highest levels of service, and confidentiality. The team works cohesively to establish a partnership that strengthens throughout the client’s financial journey.

Investment Philosophy

Successful wealth management is dependent on the development of a comprehensive financial strategy. The Lewis Group designs investment solutions tailored to goals-based planning.  The team is attuned to changes in personal circumstances and how they may impact the investment strategy. Within the context of changing markets, economies and tax laws, the team is objectively disciplined and keeps the plan solidly on track.

Wealth Management Process

The Lewis Group develops a comprehensive wealth management program integrating a disciplined investment strategy with corporate and executive services, trust and estate planning, strategic use of credit, insurance and family risk management, and banking services.

Investment Management Process

The Lewis Group has decades of investment experience through multiple market environments - bull markets, bear markets, economic recessions, and even bubbles. The team’s client-centered solutions are a reflection of strategies incorporating global trends, values, and most importantly, risks. Often “beating an index” is not a financial goal for families, and is irrelevant to decision making necessary when investing towards a specific outcome, such as cash flow objectives. Financial markets are complex; even broadly based diversified portfolios can at times experience volatility. The focus of every customized portfolio is to pursue a healthy rate of return while managing risk along the way to minimize draw-downs and major losses (which are defined by each client). Success in investing requires a disciplined process, conviction, and a long-term view.

Extended Scope and Impact

Because of The Lewis Group’s affiliation with BB&T, the team can expand relationships to include comprehensive financial services that help optimize investment strategy and address all clients financial needs.


Richmond, VA

901 E Byrd St., Suite 500
Richmond, VA 23219
P: (804) 643-1811

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